Clubhouse History


Clubhouse Layout 1914

A simplified sketch plan of the Bowling Pavilion as it was originally termed is shown to the right.

The only changes that have been made to the original layout is the incorporation of the Committee Room into the Lounge area, the resized bar and counters layout and the W.C. entered from the Committee Room. This W.C. has been refurbished to become our spirits store and is entered from the small lobby behind the Bar servery area.

The arrow at the top right of the sketch points to timber sheds with monopitched corrugated iron roof sheeting used for both bar and equipment storage.

 Clubhouse Layout Today

 The image above is a scaled floorplan of our clubhouse as it is today. There have, however been many alterations and extensions to

the building since the original pavilion was erected in 1914. Listed below are details of the major extensions that have been

completed since that date.


1. The original clubhouse as shown on the above sketch is located at the bottom left of this plan but with the original Committee Room incorporated within the Lounge and with a resized Bar. The toilets and Locker room, 1a. and 1b. are unchanged except that the locker room is larger in size and the entrance door has been repositioned.


 2. The Hall along with 2a. kitchen and 2b. (now disabled) toilet was built circa. 1950 and this extension was not originally attached

to the clubhouse but accessed by a short passageway, with the entrance in the same position as it is today, which in fact was the

original back door of the pavilion.


 3.  The frontage of the building was extended approx. 1.20 metres northwards in 1964 to the line of the columns that supported a verandha roof. The original frontage (including two feature bay windows) was on the line of the columns which are still clearly apparent in the lounge today.


4. In 1976 an extension was built to the west side of the clubhouse and contained a new Locker Room, 4a. bar storage and 4b.

male toilets. The bar store and and toilets partly occupy the site of the aforementioned timber sheds. This extension was opened for

use in 1977.


5. The new Office / Committee room were added in 1994 and were built against the boundary wall of our feu. The west wall of the

existing store was extended to this line also, as previous to this there had been pedestrian access around the clubhouse buildings.

Incorporated into this extension were 5a Ladies Toilets, 5b. a new beer cellar and 5c. the store extension which now houses our

water storage facility.


6. The vacant space between the lounge and hall was roofed over and incorporated into the hall (where the two alcoves and wicket bar are sited today) and a blockwork wall was built at the east end to seal the structure. The work to the alcoves was completed in

1983 but the work to form the wicket bar was not undertaken until completed in 1992, along with a complete refurbishment of the

bar counters and surrounds, which included a new carpet and redecoration to the Lounge.


Since 1992 there has been no further work carried out to the clubhouse apart from periodical painting and decoration works along

with general maintenance works.