Green Etiquette at the Northern Bowling Club


Bowls is one of the few sports where sportsmanship still prevails. This is a position that should be guarded jealously, and by following the few simple principles listed below you can help maintain the sportsmanship and courtesy that has characterised the game of bowls for so many years.


Before the Game

  1. Check that you know the correct dress for the occassion and wear it.
  2. Make sure you know the starting time of the game and be there in sufficient time to change your footwear and be on the green ready to start at the appointed time.
  3. In a team game, be there in time to welcome your guest.

During the game

  1. Enter and leave the green by the steps provided.
  2. Do not drop your bowls on the green.
  3. Shake hands with your opponent before and after the game.
  4. Do not sit on the steps or the bankings.
  5. Do not litter the ditches - use the recepticles provided.
  6. Stand still while your opponent is about to play.
  7. Do not infringe the laws of rink possession.
  8. Wait until the result of the end has been decided before kicking in the bowls.
  9. If you are responsible for keeping score, compare your card with that of your opponent at regular intervals. If score boards are in use make sure they agree with your card and the card of your opponent.
  10. Unless you have been delegated to decide the shots at the completion of the end, do not interfere in any way with this process.
  11. If an umpire has been called, stay well clear of the head until a descision has been made.
  12. If you have lost the game, remember to congtatulate your opponent.
  13. Never be heard to criticise the green or your opponent.
  14. Acknowledge a "fluke" and commend an opponents good bowl. 

 Guide for Markers   


  Do not expect others to mark your singles if you are not prepared to mark ties for others  

 The "Duties of a Marker" can be found in "Laws of the Game", however these guidelines should provide the basis of what is expected of you when marking singles ties in your own club.

Before play commences

 1. Make sure that you know the rules of the competition

2. Ensure that you have the necessary equipment, e,g. pen,score card chalk, measure and wedges.

3. Introduce yourself to the competitors and enter their names on the score card.

4. Establish which bowls belong to which player.

5. Indicate that you will only answer direct questions from the player who has possession of the rink,

    and that you intend to mark or indicate touchers as soon as the bowl comes to rest.

During Play

 1. Ensure that the mat is properly placed and that the jack is centred at a legal distance from the front 

     of the mat before the first to play, does play his bowl.

2. Remain still, behind and to the side of the rink while a bowl is being played,making sure that you do

    not obstruct the boundary pegs or that your shadow falls on the jack.

3. Do not approach the head unless it is to mark a toucher, remove the chalk marks, indicate a toucher

   or to answer questions.

4. Mark jack or touchers in the ditch. Remove dead bowls with the permission of the players and ask a

   player if a "line" bowl is in or out.

5. Be as accurate as possible when giving distances between jack and bowls and if unsure which is the

   shot when asked, say so.

6. Only measure shots when asked by the players. If you cannot decide or the players are undecided

   call an Umpire. If bowls are likely to fall before or during a measure, use wedges.

7. Do not disturb or break up a head, this should be done by players or an Umpire.

8. Before marking the score card make sure you know which player has been awarded the shot or


9. Inform both players of the state of score at completion of every end.

After the game

1. Complete the score card and have it signed by both players before returning it to the appropriate