Monday League Trophy


     Winners - Sandy Slessor (Skip), C.Morrison, J. Robertson (Soap)  Not shown - A. Gault and N. Marr


                                                                                                       Runners-Up - Sandy Anderson (Skip), R. Lamont,

                                                                                                                C.Pirie, G. Mitchell Not Shown - S. Davie


Consolation Cup


Winners - T. Hendry (Skip), I. Bridger, G.Morrison, "Spike" Milligan



                                                                                                       Runners Up - M. Sim (Skip), M.Garner, D. Innes and

                                                                                                        Eddie Gray







Members await the Opening Ceremony of the 2015/6 Season




President Alf and Mrs Margret Garner with the Silver Jack




Mrs. Garner delivers the first jack and the season is officially underway





Vice President Ron Polson presents Margret with a bouquet of flowers




 Images of members playing on the Opening Day


Rink 6, Skips K. McKay & G. Morrison

                                                                                                       Rink 5, Skips J. Riddel & A. Blackhall     


 Rink 4, Skips J.Sinclair & N.Marr                                              


                                                                                                Rink 3, Skips R. Polson & A. Garner - Official Rink



 Rink 2, Skips E.Gray & N. Beagrie




                                                                                                     Rink 1, Skips Joe "Soap" & B. Mathieson



                                                                                     Overview of the opening day green


Competition Winners 2015 - Note only complete teams are published


Club Championship - Arthur Gault





 Senior Triples - A. Leslie, B. Mathieson (skip) & A. Blackhall



                                                                                                         Senior Pairs Winners - J. Shea (skip)  "Spike" Milligan



Club Pairs - N. McIntosh (skip) & A. Gault




                                                                                                                        A.G. Webb  Singles, Runner Up - B. Mathieson


A.G. Webb Singles, Winner - J.Shea



                                                                                                          Nomination Pairs, Winners -A. Gault & T. Hendry (Skip)


 Senior Handicap Winner - J. Robertson



                                                                                                                                      H/cap Singles Runner-Up - J. Robertson


Handicap Singles Winner - R. Stewart



                                                                                                          Club Champion 2015 - Arthur Gault